Improve Behavior Driven Development!

Improve Behavior Driven Development! We continue to champion Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to accomplish a high-quality, stable automated tested environment. Last month we co-sponsored with Ascent […]

How Behavior Driven Development Helped Us Release Software In Record Time

Our developers at The Smyth Group have found BDD to be revolutionary to our process as well. In fact, we’ve standardized on this development methodology for […]

Add a Spinning “Beach Ball” Pinwheel To Your Slack Channel

“I’m stuck,” “Hold on,” “I’m waiting for something…” Unfortunately common expressions that deserve an emoticon. I whipped up a little gif to use in my Slack […]
A car console interface for changing audio volume

Raising The Bar For UX In The Car

As a financially irresponsible American, I’ve purchased my share of new cars in the past few years. Each year auto makers lure us in with better […]


Making an app for Apple Watch prox·i·mate ˈpräksəmət/ from Latin proximatus ‘drawn near,’ We’re happy to announce the release of our new app Proximate! It’s a […]