Making an app for Apple Watch prox·i·mate ˈpräksəmət/ from Latin proximatus ‘drawn near,’ We’re happy to announce the release of our new app Proximate! It’s a […]

Coffee Cup Icon Tutorial

This  tutorial assumes some previous level of experience with Photoshop. We’ll be using Photoshop CS6, but the principles apply regardless of the version. The first thing […]

Retro Comeback App Icon Design

In my efforts to find inspiration for a recent icon design project, I spent some time looking through dribbble for ideas. I started noticing some icon […]

Slicy Cheat Sheet

Been looking for a Slicy Cheat Sheet to help you remember the naming conventions without having to open PSDs every time?   Well here you go… For […]

Write your name in the sky.

Go here.Type in a message and “Galxify it ”  It uses real images from the Hubble telescope to create a sort of galactic font.  Be warned, […]

Someone realized this Apple banner is stretched out icons…uhhh, WOW

The fact that someone put enough time into observing this banner to figure that it is stretched out icons is incredible. Guys we really need to […]

Dove and Twitter

Is it only me that sees a similarity between Twitters new logo and Dove’s? At the very least it looks like Twitter’s logo is a a […]

Inspiration comes from strange places.

This video of jellyfish, in slow motion, is absolutly, breathtakingly, beautiful. Watch it. Find inspiration in it for whatever you are doing. #getInspired