Improve Behavior Driven Development!

Improve Behavior Driven Development! We continue to champion Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to accomplish a high-quality, stable automated tested environment. Last month we co-sponsored with Ascent […]


Making an app for Apple Watch prox·i·mate ˈpräksəmət/ from Latin proximatus ‘drawn near,’ We’re happy to announce the release of our new app Proximate! It’s a […]

Some of my favorite web app tools

We use pre-built tools and libraries because they’re supposed to make the tedious parts of our projects easy to put into action. A well-designed web app […]

Working with UIPasteboard – Images and text

UIPasteboard is a built-in API that allows you to copy items to the pasteboard in iOS.  A user then taps the blinking cursor into any field […]

Android Annotations that Inject Bytecode Boilerplate

Java annotations are of great utility for android developers when using an appropriate library, generally providing more succinct code. There are two popular choices that provide annotations for […]

Testing your site with IIS express on a mobile device

If you need to test your website for compatibility on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s much easier to directly access your site than to […]

In Depth Report on Our Word Game After One Year

Just about a year ago, we published our first word game of our own – So You Think You Know Words. We’d like to share a […]

How to Embed Twitter in your Android App

So you want to integrate twitter into your android app… This simple article has the “right stuff” to give your android application access to twitter. Your […]

Credit card processing made easy

Do we have alternatives? Credit cards are God’s gift to e-commerce, right? Well, kinda. It’s a love/hate relationship. Without them what alternative would we have? Checks? […]

BackupFresh… is here.

So you have a FreshBooks account. You want to back up that data. We’ve got your back.  Our new website/service “BackupFresh” backs up your entire FreshBooks account […]