Comdata Mobile

Comdata is an integrated financial solutions company that produces the Comcard, a fuel card issued by trucking employers to cover the fuel and expenses of drivers on the road.

Our Approach

Comdata wanted to supply their administrative customers with the ability to view card fields in order to update the status of any Comdata fleet or Comdata MasterCard corporate card from the mobile app. They wanted to enable one-time cash, purchase and off-fuel network overrides. As an added benefit, they wanted to give drivers the ability to search for fuel by brand, location and fuel type, to compare their organization’s Comdata network discount prices with public prices as well as create and save fuel location filtering preferences.

The Smyth Group worked with Comdata’s team of engineers to securely integrate with their backend api. Within a few months, versions of the app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry were debugged and released simultaneously. Today Comdata works with customers to tailor the program to fit specific business requirements, delivering precise and powerful control over corporate spending needs.