TypeEngine is a digital magazine publishing platform that makes it simple for non-app developers to create, design, and publish their own digital magazine.

Our Approach

Inspired by the work of Marco Arment in revolutionizing digital publishing with “The Magazine”, The Smyth Group sought out a way to make it easy for content creators to release magazines that were text based, responsive, fast, and easy to translate into multiple languages. The team also wanted to enable features that went beyond the scope of paper magazines, allowing readers to increase text size and share dynamic content and release valuable analytics data to publishers.

By utilizing Apple's Newsstand, the Google Play store, Tugboat Yards and Stripe, the platform introduced authors to potential revenue streams and subscriptions conveniently downloaded in the background. Development began at the start of 2013, and by June, TypeEngine released its first magazine, “The Loop”. Over 40 magazines have used TypeEngine to date, making it one of the most successful publishers on Newsstand, and an up and coming front-runner in the Google Play store.

I love the move away from the bloated 700 MB magazine downloads that big publishers puke up once a month.