Slicy Cheat Sheet

Been looking for a Slicy Cheat Sheet to help you remember the naming conventions without having to open PSDs every time?   Well here you go… For […]

BackupFresh… is here.

So you have a FreshBooks account. You want to back up that data. We’ve got your back.  Our new website/service “BackupFresh” backs up your entire FreshBooks account […]

iOS 6 get it at 12:00PM Central 1:00 PM Eastern

OS 6 is coming your way. Like it or not. Honestly I’ve had a few weeks of playing with it, and the facebook and twitter updates […]

The iPhone we want!… (but aren’t getting)

When the first iPhone came out in 2007 it was truly revolutionary and “Magical”. The very least we could say about it is that it changed […]

Write your name in the sky.

Go here.Type in a message and “Galxify it ”  It uses real images from the Hubble telescope to create a sort of galactic font.  Be warned, […]

Someone realized this Apple banner is stretched out icons…uhhh, WOW

The fact that someone put enough time into observing this banner to figure that it is stretched out icons is incredible. Guys we really need to […]

Little Printer is almost here!

Remember this little guy? Well preorders started today. If you dont know what it is, here is their video. [vimeo][/vimeo] I think this is just great. […]

Men throwing with the other hand

[vimeo][/vimeo] Ever tried to throw something with your non-predominate hand? These guys did just that. The awkwardness of the experience is obvious by the laugh of […]

Amazon Instant Video Released for iPad

Amazon is getting real with this new app for the iPad. And at $79 a year its cheaper than Netflix. Features – Stream thousands of titles […]

iOS App Crashing ONLY on iPod touch: Solution

We recently launched a suite of apps for a client and we ran across a very interesting bug on the universal iOS app: it would run […]