Siri IS Useful. (Kind of)

Recently I stayed at an apartment in downtown Houston Texas. I've been to Houston several times, as most of my family lives there, but I am […]

Dove and Twitter

Is it only me that sees a similarity between Twitters new logo and Dove’s? At the very least it looks like Twitter’s logo is a a […]

This just Blew.My.Mind.

How amazing is our brain? I dont think anyone really knows. The brain is considered to be the last frontier of science. “The study of the […]

Inspiration comes from strange places.

This video of jellyfish, in slow motion, is absolutly, breathtakingly, beautiful. Watch it. Find inspiration in it for whatever you are doing. #getInspired

Is LEAP Motion’s gesture recognition dongle the future?

Yes and no. If you have been on any tech blog the last few days you have heard about the new leap gesture recognition device that […]

Go Language 1.0 Released

here's a new language on the block, and it's recently had version 1.0 tagged. Go is a compiled language with some interesting features such as garbage collection, […]

Implementing Parcelable on Android, A Brief Intro

During the course of development, there may come a time on android where you need to serialize an object. By far, the simplest way to handle […]

Watch This Now. Trust me. (Project Glass)

[youtube][/youtube] This is really something that Google is working on. Awesome. The problem, they want them to look like this. This is possibly the coolest, most […]

Please stop trying to compete with Facebook.

The other day I was presented with an invitation to a website ( I signed up for the social network merely to see what it was. […]

Kindle Fire Giveaway

Hey Folks, We haven’t updated our blog in a while and to make it up to you, we’re giving away a free Kindle Fire.  We’re celebrating […]