Allometrics, Inc. is a laboratory equipment sales and service company out of Texas. They primarily service the Gulf Coast region.

The Need

In 2009, Allometrics primarily used paper to track thousands of pieces of equipment along with certification schedules and calibration certificates. Service technicians dropped off their workload to the Allometrics’ offices about once per month. Accounts Receivable had to sort through piles of paperwork for payment processing and to file certificates for each customer. With Allometrics’ workload growing, a more automated system needed to be built.

The Solution

Allometrics’ Service Tech Reporting Application (ASTRA) was developed for service technicians to manage their schedules, keep track of 1,000’s of pieces of cleanroom equipment and their certifications, and allows daily syncing of all work completed. ASTRA also provides Allometrics’ office the ability to schedule calibrations for equipment with field staff and is integrated with Accounts Receivable.

Our Approach

After completing a thorough investigation of the current customer and equipment tracking processes, we wrote an entire line of business systems for tracking and full reporting. We wrote the back office server side software as well as the mobile software that the field technicians use. And we wrote a web portal for clients to view the history of their equipment certifications.


Windows Desktop App


24 Months


Jeff Brown, Michael Brown, Michael Perrett, Robert Sprecher

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