Athletic Connections

Athletic Connections is a professional network allowing people in athletics to exchange contact information, promote themselves and signal their interest confidentially in jobs.

The Need

People who work or participate in athletics at the professional, collegiate or high school levels have a need to exchange contact information confidentially. Industry employers also value recruitment tools that expose them to most relevant potential hires.

The Solution

The goal of Athletic Connections is to make it easier for professionals to obtain and maintain contact information for each other, assist members in presenting “their message” to the public and to make the job hiring process more efficient.

Our Approach

The Smyth Group worked with Athletic Connections to build a minimum viable product from the ground up. This required a synchronized effort to incentivize job seekers to create profiles, while simultaneously inviting employers to post available positions. To legitimize potential candidates, a subscription model was added that allowed users to flesh out their profile with job history, contact info and the ability to connect with and endorse other users.


Web App


11 Months


John O’Brien, Michael Perrett, Hiromi Matsumoto

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