Boost Inc. is a California-based start-up redefining social commerce and cross-platform mobile purchasing with a single click using hashtags.

The Need

In an emerging market where social placement is king, brands struggle to make their products easy to purchase. As this segment continues to fracture, each network introduces a new way of product placement with varying degrees of effectiveness. Users don’t want multiple accounts for each e-commerce platform and sellers want a central way to administrate their offerings across multiple channels of influence.

The Solution

Enter Boost. Ecommerce made for mobile. No apps. No links. No websites. Boost’s service generates hashtags for your products that can be used on virtually any network. Buyers can comment, tweet or text your hashtags to make a purchase. After registering once, users can buy and sell across any platform in seconds.

The Approach

TSG met with Boost at their headquarters in Los Angeles, gathered requirements and helped bring a minimum viable product to market. As the project gained traction, TSG assisted in stabilizing the product, adding valuable features and creating marketing materials. The team continues to work closely with the company’s stakeholders to make Boost a successful mobile commerce platform.


Customized web app


April 2015 – present


Aaron Kleid, Daniel Skinner, Hiromi Matsumoto, Brandon Liles, Mike Brown

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Hiromi loves creative challenges — anything that involves beautifying, building, making, solving or overcoming obstacles. He's toured in a band, done art installations, produced short films and facilitated maker events. Hiromi currently lives and works in Sacramento, CA with his wife and English Bulldog.