Content Analyst Company

Content Analyst develops an advanced analytics technology that enables people to optimize the discovery of what’s important in unstructured big content.

The Need

Content Analyst’s analytics technology is broadly licensed in products from legal services to intelligence gathering. But the abilities of their conceptual search algorithm outperforms the market’s ability to find creative applications and usage.

The Solution

Content Analyst initiated the development of an internal product that helps to demonstrate the power of CAAT (Content Analyst Analytical Technology) by visualizing relationships within data indexes based on a combination of conceptual and traditional keyword searches.

Our Approach

Starting with concept development on location at Content Analyst’s headquarters in Washington DC, the Smyth Group team developed wireframes and visualizations that best represent CAAT’s functionality. A responsive web UI was developed to support product demos on any device. The end result included a fully administrable platform with a wide variety of configurable data visualizations to showcase the potential of Content Analyst’s technology.


Web App


48 weeks


Michael Christensen, Justin Hummel, Ashley McKeag, Tony Alicea, Seth Klock, Hiromi Matsumoto, Brandon Liles, William Smith

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