Getting Results From Behavior Driven Development

We continue to champion Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to accomplish a high-quality, stable automated tested environment. Last month we co-sponsored with Ascent and presented a two part seminar on BDD to share our process and the exceptional results that can be achieved. Discover how BDD is bridging the gap between business owner’s requests/needs and what is delivered by the agile team.

The Power of BDD - Part 1

The Power of Behavior Driven Development – Part 1 (06/28/2017) of the webinar covered how BDD enhances and improves the overall success for all parties involved in the process, particularly stakeholders.  It presented real world experience of implementing this approach of continuous integration and automated testing using BDD.

The Power of BDD - Part 2

The Power of Behavior Driven Development – Part 2 (07/26/2017) of the webinar was a deeper dive into what cultural shifts need to take place for getting your business stakeholders onboard and the tools necessary to implement BDD.

Also from 2nd webinar we have posted the sample code used in our demonstration to provide a better working example for potentially implementing BDD into your agile and automated testing process.

Here is the Bitbucket link for code sample used in the 2nd webinar:

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