Add a Spinning “Beach Ball” Pinwheel To Your Slack Channel

“I’m stuck,” “Hold on,” “I’m waiting for something…” Unfortunately common expressions that deserve an emoticon. I whipped up a little gif to use in my Slack channels and I’d like to share it with you if you’d like 😀

Here’s the file:

Spinning "Beach Ball" Pinwheel

Download me!

If you’re new to using custom emoji in Slack, here’s a refresher:

1) Expand the emoji dialog in the lower right.

Adding emoji in Slack

2) Scroll all the way to the bottom, or select the custom emoji tab in the upper right.

custom emoji

3) Open the link that says “add custom emoji here”. This will open up your slack account in a browser.

Custom Emoji Link in slack

4) Give it a name. Custom emoji names can only contain lower case letters, numbers, dashes and underscores (no spaces).

Name custom emoji in Slack

5) Upload the file that you just downloaded above.

Uploading custom emoji

6) Hit the “Save New Emoji” button.

Save new emoji

That’s it! Slack will show you how your new emoji will look inline.

Previewing custom emoji in Slack

The next time you open Slack, your Spinning “Beach Ball” Pinwheel emoji will show up under your “Custom” set.

Where custom emoji appear in Slack UI

From all of us at The Smyth Group, ‘hope you never have to use it!

Spinning "Beach Ball" Pinwheel Custom Emoji in Slack Channel

Hiromi loves creative challenges — anything that involves beautifying, building, making, solving or overcoming obstacles. He's toured in a band, done art installations, produced short films and facilitated maker events. Hiromi currently lives and works in Sacramento, CA with his wife and English Bulldog.

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