iOS 6 get it at 12:00PM Central 1:00 PM Eastern

OS 6 is coming your way. Like it or not. Honestly I’ve had a few weeks of playing with it, and the facebook and twitter updates are great. Apple’s own maps application is nice to look at but it does lack the intense amount of data that the previous google bred app had.

Turn by turn is really useful and is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, the new iPad, and the iPad 2. Flyover is the most amazing thing in all of the new update especially on the iPad. While it only works in some cities(more to come), it is extremely beautiful and responsive.

The new panorama feature (for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s), is really cool and its baked right into the camera app.

Oh yeah, there is a lot more.

*Siri is better.
*Shared photo streams.
*Facetime over cellular.
*Quick reply to callers you cant take right then and there.
*Updated mail.
*Updated safari with iCloud tabs.
*Redesigned iTunes store and App store.

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