Two killer Android apps you gotta try!

Do you work from your desk and get annoyed having to pick up your phone to respond to a text message? Does it seem like such a waste to have a full size keyboard in front of you but to respond to text message you have to peck at the little keyboard on your phone? Well, gripe no more!

Check out AirDroid! It’s a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser. It’s one of those apps that just simply works. Not only can you respond to SMS messages, but you can browse your phone file system, view pictures, cut and paste from the clipboard, view phone logs, and much more. It’s simple to setup so give it a shot. Oh yeah, it’s free!

For those days when you’re not in front of your full size keyboard, a good keyboard on the phone is big improvement. Until recently, I was singing the praise of Swype as my favorite keyboard app. Then I heard about SwiftKey3. This app is what a mobile device keyboard should be. It not only recommends words via auto-complete, but it learns your typing style and will even scan your Facebook, Google mail, and SMS messages to learn words and phrases you use often. Highly configurable, highly recommended. Although they have a free trial version, this one is well worth the $3.99 price.

You’re welcome.

When not searching for weeds to pull in his non-existent New Mexico lawn, Robert can be found reading requirements documents and translating geekspeak for humans.