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No matter what your project is, it’s in good hands. Our team of experts brings a wide range of skills to the table. There’s no challenge we can’t solve.


Whether you need help getting started, or you have an on-going project in need of assistance, our project management team is here to help.


Our team is US-based, which means you never have to worry about time zones, language barriers, or sub-par sub-contractors.


We believe that you deserve to have complete access to your project. Our openness creates an accountability that is beyond priceless.

The Smyth Group was born after volunteering together on relief projects in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This passion for volunteer work that brought us together has remained a common thread to this day. We believe a team united around a common goal can accomplish great things.

Today, we’re a team of American-based developers and designers who focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life. We’re committed to helping your project move from conception to launch, with our team of experts ready to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to launch a web or mobile app, or just need fresh eyes on an existing project, you’ll find a trusted partner in the Smyth Group.


Jamie Smyth


Jamie used to be a programmer (sorta) and he realized that he's better off leaving the coding to the pros. He learned his lesson for making fun of Macs and now refuses to look at a non-retina display. Speaks English, French, Spanish.

Robert Sprecher

General Manager

When not searching for weeds to pull in his non-existent New Mexico lawn, Robert can be found reading requirements documents and translating geekspeak for humans.

David Tyner

Project Manager

David is too busy taking care of our clients to provide his bio. He lives in Florida, or so he tells us.


Brandon Liles

Web & Mobile Dev

Brandon knows web development, from automated deployments to your favorite cloud hosting provider to building a great user experience in the browser and all the parts between.

Daniel Skinner

Mobile Dev

Daniel is the lead Android guy. He does Python while eating lunch and uses Linux all day. Needless to say, he's our primary open source contributor. Loves Go, maintainer for Debian, plays Guitar. Not so much on the foreign languages, but does signal processing as a hobby

Douglas Phillips

Web Dev

Jack of all trades. Specializing in business system integration, data-driven systems, and e-commerce. Nearly 20 years of experience working with almost every web platform and relational database out there. And some you probably haven't heard of.

Hap Fiandt

Mobile Dev

Need an app? Call Hap. It rhymes and it's true; Hap develops apps for Android and iOS. He also enjoys single origin coffees, tabletop games, and a good riddle. He speaks English, español, et un peu de français.

Johannes Fahrenkrug

Mobile Dev

Johannes has been writing iOS apps since 2008. He co-authored the book ``Objective-C Fundamentals`` and enjoys brewing his own beer.

Michael Brown

Web & Mobile Dev

Michael doesn’t mind digging through obscure code to find bugs. In fact, he’s found enough to start a museum. Most of the new exhibits are in C# and SQL.

Max Hershey

Web Dev

Max's passion for code started when he was 14 years old making computer games. Now he's content providing business solutions with software, playing guitar, and getting away from Cleveland whenever he can.

Mike Perrett

Web & Mobile Dev

Mike’s development prowess is eclipsed only by his desire to be a lounge singer. Mike speaks English, Spanish, and French. But he dreams in C#.

Matthew Niehues

Web Dev

Hailing from the hillbilly hills of the Arkansas Ozarks, Matt traded in his straw hat and corn-cob pipe for a MacBook and a ThinkPad. True to his roots, the shotgun and moonshine jug still make an appearance every once in a while as he bangs out no frills, no spills, bang-for-your-buck, every-client-happy-all-the-time app dev.

Paul Bredenberg

Web Dev

Paul is a full-stack developer, designer, and illustrator with a varied range of technical experience. He lives in upstate New York, not terribly far from the idiomatic Big Apple. He works out of his home, adjacent to his wife, who kindly puts up with his obsession with computing, typography, music, and a surely ill-fated quest for the epitomical in workspace ergonomics, organization, and convenience. He is therefore well-familiar with the concept of diminishing returns.

Jamie Austin

Web Dev

Jamie has been programming computers since the tender age of eight. Since then she has developed software for several industry-leading organizations in a wide variety of applications. As a New Orleans native, Jamie is a natural hometown foodie, but also enjoys cuisines from around the world. When she is not heads-down in code she can be found outside playing sports with her husband.

Jared Livingston

Web & Mobile Dev

I was born and raised in Wyoming; I wrote my first code at age 8 on a Commodore 64; I'm a full-stack web dev; I prefer C#, JavaScript, and SQL, and am usually willing to try the next greatest js library; fixing bugs is my passion

Francisco Cruz

Web Dev

Francisco Cruz is a full-stack developer from New York.

UX & UI Design

Aaron Kleid


Aaron is an unabashed technophile, much to the dismay of his wife, with whom he shares a dining room table for an office. He fights for the user, but knows when to shut up. He designs for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and web)—but put Aaron and Hiromi in the same room and they'll blow your minds. Don't ask Aaron any questions during an Apple Keynote—he is doing research. Aaron lives in St. Paul, MN with his wife and dog. Yes, it is very cold there. Thanks for asking.

Hiromi Matsumoto


Hiromi loves creative challenges — anything that involves beautifying, building, making, solving or overcoming obstacles. He's toured in a band, done art installations, produced short films and facilitated maker events. Hiromi currently lives and works in Sacramento, CA with his wife and English Bulldog.

Rob Trahan


By far the sharpest dresser of the group, Rob is the closest thing we have to a teenager. When he’s not designing and coding iOS apps, he's playing his guitar at the local coffee shop. He speaks Hipster and Spanish and lives in Cajun country.

Marketing & Support

Kelly Shaw

QA & Client Support

Kelly escaped Florida to live on a balmy island… in Washington. She enjoys tedious things like folding fitted sheets and dabbling in pointillism (the one with all the dots). At least that explains her love for QA anyway.

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